Muhammad Haikal

About Muhammad Haikal and the family

  • Name of Parent : Saharranah ( Father )
  • Salmiah ( Mother )
  • Name of Child : Muhamad Haikal Bin Saharranah
  • Date of birthday : 14/5/2007
  • Age of Child : 8 year

Interview with Muhammad Haikal’s Family

How did they know of RMH?
Suggestion from hospital.

How long have they stayed at RMH?
Since August 2014 and stay sometimes 2-3 weeks when there is treatment.

How has RMH helped them? As in ease their problems on accommodation.

  • A complete house that has such a welcoming feeling.
  • No worries on hotel bills, laundry bills, basic food, etc.
  • I can cook fresh food for my son for all his meals.

What do they like about RMH?


  • Facilities at RMH. Very comfortable and complete.
  • Events @ RMH that makes my son happy even though he is sick.


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