Muhaimin Lokman

About Muhaimin Lokman and Family

  • Name of Parent : Muhammad kamal Bin Abdullah ( Father )
  • Suzana Binti Shaari (Mother)
  • Name of Child : Muhammad Muhaimin Luqman
  • Date of birthday : 19/8/2000
  • Age of Child : 15 years

Interview with Muhaimin Lokman’s Family

How did they know of RMH?
Introduce from the paediatric ward @ PPUKM

How long have they stayed at RMH?
Since January 2015 until now.

How has RMH helped them? As in ease their problems on accommodation.
Provide a house like our home. Have a big kitchen with the food and help me reduce the cost to cook.

What do they like about RMH?
Very comfortable. All facilities at RMH.

Any other feedback for us to improve
More games at playroom for different level of ages.

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