Leong Jeng Weng

About Leong Jeng Weng and Family

  • Name of Parent : Siau Lee Moi ( mother )
  • Name of Child : Leong Jeng Weng
  • Date of birthday : 25/12/2001
  • Age of Child : 13 years old

Interview with Leong Jeng Weng’s Family

How did they know of RMH?
From the paediatric ward @ PPUKM.

How long have they stayed at RMH?
We will stay at RMH for 6 months’ until the treatment.

How has RMH helped them? As in ease their problems on accommodation.
Excellent because everything is provided which takes a load off us monetary wise and it’s a home.

What do they like about RMH?
Everything. What’s not to like?? Very comfortable.

Any other feedback for us to improve
Build another RMH walking distance to the hospital.

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