Kahirun Nas

About Kahirun Nas and Family

  • Name of Parent : Darnak Bin Wagiman (Father)
  • Name of Child : Muhammad Khairun Nas
  • Date of birthday : 18/05/2012
  • Age of Child : 3 years

Interview with Kahirun Nas’ Family

How did they know of RMH?
Introduce by the paediatric ward.

How long have they stayed at RMH?
Since my son 1 month old until now. 1 month – 5 to 6 times we stay at RMH.

How has RMH helped them? As in ease their problems on accommodation.
Good place to stay , closer to my son during treatment. Feels like our own home.

What do they like about RMH?
The room is very comfortable for RM5.00/night. 24 hours service is a very good idea. Staff are very friendly and helpful.

Any other feedback for us to improve
Build RMHs in regions like North, South & East Coast .

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