Chow Kong Zhe

About Chow Kong Zhe and Family

  • Name of Parent : Yapi Meng ( mother )
  • Chow Kon Pin ( father )
  • Name of Child : Chow Kong Zhe
  • Date of birthday : 20/02/2012
  • Age of Child : 8 years

Interview with Chow Kong Zhe’s Family

How did they know of RMH?
Suggestion from the hospital

How long have they stayed at RMH?
6 months.

How has RMH helped them? As in ease their problems on accommodation.
I can cook fresh food for my son , do laundry and allowance of extra help as in rotation with my husband.

What do they like about RMH?
Like the activities done by management for my son also for us like Parents Day and many more. Shows you care.

Any other feedback for us to improve
Request for a bigger TV in the kitchen. Build another RMH within a hospital or walking distance to the hospital.

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